Dropping courses impacts your financial aid in several ways. Aid is based on your enrollment level on the Census Date of each term. For undergraduates, full-time status is 12 or more credits, 3/4 time is 9-11 credits, 1/2 time is 6-8 credits, and less than halftime is 1-5 credits. Less than fulltime enrollment may affect your financial aid eligibility. Students enrolled less than halftime are not eligible to receive most types of aid including federal student loans. If you plan on being less than fulltime you must submit an enrollment revision form to the Office of Financial Aid.

Financial aid eligibility each term is based on your level of enrollment on the Census Date. On this date, budgets and financial aid are adjusted and locked based on your enrollment level at that time. If your aid was paid at the full-time amount and you are less than fulltime on the Census Date, your budget will be revised and your aid may need to be reduced to reflect your Census Date enrollment. This revision may create a new bill on your OSU student billing account.

Dropping or withdrawing from courses after the census date, may also impact your financial aid eligibility for the current and future terms. Withdrawing from all courses, failing to complete courses (unofficially withdrawing), or not participating in courses, may result in the partial or full loss of aid eligibility for that term. Future term eligibility will depend on continuing to make Satisfactory Academic Progress.

If you will be less than halftime, be sure to stay in contact with your loan servicer. Halftime enrollment is required in order to keep federal loans in the “in school deferment status”. Find more on our Loan Repayment page.

Short Sessions (Courses in Modules)

If a student is enrolled in sessions that do not span the entire 11 week term (modules) there are special rules that apply. You are paid federal financial aid based on all of the modules (entire payment period) you are registered for at the time of disbursement. If you do not complete all of those modules a return of federal funds may be required.

Be sure to monitor your OSU student email carefully. If you drop, withdraw from, or do not fully complete your current modules, you will be considered withdrawn from the term even if you are still enrolled in a future modules. In this case you may be emailed a request to complete a survey verifying your intent to participate in future modules. If you do not complete this survey, a return of federal aid may be required. See our Withdrawal Page under “How is the return of federal aid calculation different for short sessions/modules?” for more detailed information on how drops, withdrawals, and non-completion can impact your aid.

The Pell Grant must always be adjusted to exclude payments for any course you do not participate in. If you drop a course before that course session began, we are required to reverse any Pell Grant payments made for that course. Reversed Pell will be returned to the Department of Education. This reversal of aid may create a new bill on your OSU student billing account.