You can accept your financial aid offer online through the OSU Financial Aid Portal.

By accepting your financial aid offer, you are stating that you have read, understand, and accept the Terms and Conditions of your award. As a recipient of financial aid, you must meet certain requirements to maintain financial aid eligibility. The Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to revise a financial aid award during any time of the year if there are changes in your financial aid eligibility. You will be notified through your OSU student email if new requirements have been established or revisions have been made. Your aid eligibility may change based on FAFSA Verification, Satisfactory Academic Progress, withdrawing from courses, course participation, Census Date enrollment, reaching aid limits, and other factors. If you will be less than full-time (12 credits as an undergraduate/post-bacc or 9 credits as a graduate student) please submit an enrollment revision form to let us know.

We recommend accepting any grants and scholarships offered as soon as possible. Accepting aid (including loans) does not obligate or confirm a student's attendance at OSU.

Any acceptance deadlines that may be listed on your aid offer letter do not apply to Federal Ford Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan offers. If you are still deciding how much to accept in loans, you may wait until closer to the start of the term to accept that portion of the aid offer.

You will not be able to login and accept your aid offer until you have received your Admission’s letter and your OSU student ID number. If you have not yet received your ID number and cannot login to MyOregonState, you may disregard the acceptance deadline listed on your award letter. Just be sure to accept or decline your aid offer once the Admission’s process is complete.


How to Accept Aid and Submit Requirements


To accept your financial aid, login to the Financial Aid Portal. Log in using your ONID username and password. If you need assistance with this information, you can contact the OSU Computer Help Desk at 541-737-3474.

You can then accept, reject, or revise your Financial Aid Award through the Financial Aid Portal by completing the following steps:

  • Select the appropriate year (ex. 2024-2025) in the top right of the screen
  • Review any outstanding requirements on the Home tab
  • Select the Award Offer tab
  • Click Submit when done
  • Go to to complete any necessary Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Notes (these are both required in order to receive federal student loans)
  • If you will be enrolled less than full-time submit an enrollment revision form

 *You may accept all or a portion of aid awarded to you. You are also not required to accept the maximum loan amount offered to you. To borrow a lesser amount, indicate the total amount of loan you wish to borrow for the academic year. When deciding what amount to accept, please note that your loans must be divided up equally throughout the academic year.

*If you are considered a dependent student, your parents can also apply for a Parent PLUS Loan up to the remaining cost of attendance by completing a PLUS loan application and Master Promissory Note available for them through the Federal Student Loans website. 

*Important notice about PLUS Loan applications: The PLUS Loan application will not be available for 2024-2025 until May 1, 2024. If you attempt to apply prior to that date you will be told that OSU does not participate in the program. Rest assured, OSU DOES participate in the Federal Parent PLUS loan program. Applications for either the Parent or Graduate PLUS Loan require a credit check each time the borrower applies for the loan and is only valid for 180 days. Applying too early may cause delays with processing and disbursements.