Apply for Federal Aid

Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year and be sure to list your year in college as 5th year/other undergraduate. See our Apply page for more information and the important dates, such as when you can expect an aid offer.

Post-Bacc Aid Eligibility

As a student seeking your second bachelor’s degree, you may be eligible to receive subsidized and/or unsubsidized Federal Ford Direct Loans. We are not able to offer post-bacc students federal need-based grants such as the Pell Grant or SEOG. You have the same yearly and aggregate loan maximums as other undergraduates. If you are considered a dependent student, your parent may also apply for the Parent PLUS loan on your behalf. Check out our federal aid webpage for more information.

Yearly Undergraduate Ford Direct Loan Limits

Class Standing


Loan Limit (Dependent)

Loan Limit (Independent)


0 - 44




45 - 89




90 - up



Aggregate Ford Direct Loan Limits

Combined maximum for all years of seeking an undergrad/post-bacc degree:

  • Dependent student: maximum of $31,000
  • Independent student: maximum of $57,500

*You may view your loan history at the website.

*There are additional limits on Ford Direct subsidized loans. More information on loan limits may be found on the FSA website.

*Dependent student loan maximums may increase to match the independent amounts in cases where the parent is credit denied for the parent plus loan for that aid year. After the parent is credit denied for that year, the student may request an increase by submitting a student loan revision form.

*Full details on federal loan requirements, origination fees, interest rates, maximums, grace periods, and other information may be found on the FSA website.

Enrollment Requirements

To receive federal loans you must be enrolled at least half-time (6-8 credits). Your aid is initially packaged based on the expectation of full-time enrollment. To avoid disbursement delays and last-minute adjustments, you must submit an enrollment revision form to let us know if you plan to be less than full-time for the year. If our office has not been notified of your enrollment plans, your aid will be adjusted and disbursed after the Financial Aid Census Date for that term.

Private Alternative Loans

Private/Alternative loans are loans obtained from a bank, credit union, or other lending agency. For most students, federal loans are a better option and should be utilized before private loans are considered. Alternative loans require a credit check and may have higher, variable interest rates. They also do not offer the flexible repayment, consolidation, and loan forgiveness that may be available with federal loans. More information on these loans may be found on the private loan section of our website.


We recommend starting your scholarship search by contacting your department or searching the ScholarDollars scholarship application portal for available departmental scholarships. You may also find more information about searching for departmental, OSAC, and private scholarships on our webpage.

Maintaining Aid Eligibility

Understanding federal aid requirements, conditions, and limitations is essential! We encourage all students to take the time to review financial aid Terms and Conditions, Participation Requirements, Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements, Census Date, and the return of federal funds that may be required in the case of withdrawing or failing to complete courses.