Appeal Forms

2023-2024 Dependency Status Appeal

2023-2024 Cost of Attendance Revision

Study Abroad Financial Aid Request

Special Conditions Appeals (SCA) forms for change in income are student specific and determined after the appeal survey is completed. Find out more on our SCA page.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal information is available on the SAP page.

Loan Revision Request Forms

Decrease Alternative/Private Loan Revision Request (This form is not used to revise federal loans)

Increase Alternative/Private Loan Revision Request (This form is not used to revise federal loans)

Decrease Student Ford Direct Loan

Increase Student Ford Direct Loan

Decrease Graduate PLUS Loan (Revises existing loan)

Increase Graduate PLUS Loan (Revises existing loan)

Parent PLUS Loan (Revises existing loan)

Other Forms

Consent for Release of Confidential Information (FERPA) 

Enrollment Revision Request - Please click "Update Expected Enrollment Status" at the top of the "Award Offer" tab in the Financial Aid Self-Service Portal

Form Submittal

PDF forms listed on this page may be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid by fax, postal mail, or as an email attachment.

Current Processing Times

Below are our processing time estimates, but they also vary during peak processing times. We will process your documents as quickly as possible but we cannot guarantee that your documents will be completed within the listed timeframes.

  • Alternative Loan Certification: 1-2 weeks (Must be Enrolled. Current term given priority)
  • Cost of Attendance Revisions: 2-3 weeks (Current term given priority)
  • Enrollment Revisions: 2-3 weeks (Current term given priority)
  • Loan Revisions: 2-3 weeks(Current term given priority)
  • SAP Appeals: 2-3 weeks (Current term given priority)
  • Verification Documents: 3-4 weeks (Current term given priority)
  • Special Conditions Appeals: 4-6 weeks (Likely more when appeals first open)