Enrollment Level Undergraduate or Post-Bacc Graduate or Professional
Full-Time 12 or more credits 9 or more credits
Three-Quarter Time 9-11 credits N/A
Half-Time 6-8 credits 5-8 credits
Less Than Half-Time 1-5 credits 1-4 credits
  1. Aid is nearly always packaged based on full-time enrollment (12+ credits undergraduate and 9+ credits graduate). To prevent late adjustments and disbursement delays, submit an Enrollment Revision form at least 3-4 weeks before the term. If no revision form is submitted, your aid will be locked and adjusted on our Census Date each term.*
  2. Federal Loans require a minimum half-time enrollment. Even if you are half-time, your loan eligibility may change if the full-time amounts do not fit into your revised budget/need level.**
  3. Grants and scholarships have their own specific enrollment requirements. At less than full-time, some types of aid will pay the full amount, some will pay a reduced amount, and others will be canceled. For students receiving the Pell Grant, the award must be prorated according to enrollment intensity. Enrollment intensity is the percentage of full-time enrollment at which a student is enrolled. We encourage you to contact the Office of Financial Aid and the Scholarship Office to find out how your aid will be impacted.
  4. If you will be less than half-time, be sure to stay in contact with your loan servicer. Half-time enrollment is required in order to keep federal loans in the “in-school deferment status”. Find more on our Loan Repayment page.

*If you drop to less than full-time after census, have no outstanding holds or requirements, and your aid has not yet been paid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid. An eligibility review and adjustment may be required.

** While attending half-time will often allow you to keep all or most of your loan eligibility while paying less than attending full-time, this also increases the risk that you may reach your aggregate (lifetime) loan limits before finishing your degree. Be sure to track aid limits carefully on studentaid.gov.