You must apply for financial aid every year by submitting a FAFSA application. The Oregon State FAFSA Priority Filing Deadline has been moved for the 2024-25 year to May 1, 2024! This is a one year extension due to the delays in FAFSA processing at the Department of Education. Applications must be received at the central processor to be considered for priority funding, but you may apply for aid online starting October 1st for the following academic year. Below are a few of the issues that may affect you as a continuing OSU student and financial aid recipient. Be sure to keep on top of managing your aid!

The Federal Pell Grant amount is based on the EFC calculated by a student's FAFSA each year. An increase or decrease in the Student Aid Index (SAI) can change a student's eligibility for Pell for the year. If the EFC increases significantly, a student may not be eligible for any Pell for that academic year. Students may only receive the Pell grant for a maximum of 18 terms/12 semesters at full-time enrollment per the Pell lifetime eligibility limit.

Based on the Congressional approval of year round Pell, students may now receive up to 150% of their Pell eligibility in a single year. This means, starting in 2017-18, a student at OSU may be eligible to receive a full-time Pell Grant for all 4 terms of the academic year. Terms in which a student is attending less than half-time (fewer than 6 credit hours) may not be counted towards this additional eligibility. Keep in mind that lifetime Pell eligibility has not changed.

If you have been awarded a Ford loan, you are eligible for additional Ford loan funding as you progress through school. Depending on your credits and class standing, you will be able to receive different loan amounts. Below are the credit requirements and loan amounts:

Class Standing


Loan Limit (Dependent)

Loan Limit (Independent)


0 - 45




46 - 90




90 - up



If you change class standing you may request that your loans be increased for the current academic year by submitting the Loan Revision Form to the Office of Financial Aid.

If attending less than a standard academic year (3 terms), the student will be offered less than the yearly limit. However, a student can request an increase up to the yearly limit (if otherwise eligible) using a Student Loan Revision form.

Additional information on the aggregate (total) loan limits for undergraduates can be found on our Aid Limits for Undergraduates page. Graduate limits can be found on the Graduate Aid page.

As a financial aid recipient, you have a responsibility to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward your degree. You must meet the requirements outlined in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy to receive federal/state financial aid at Oregon State University. Please visit the Satisfactory Academic Progress page for detailed information.

General Scholarship Eligibility Requirements 

To maintain eligibility for OSU’s University Scholars Program (USP) scholarships, students must maintain continuous full-time enrollment (12 or more credits) in each Fall, Winter, and Spring term. While participating in the Degree Partnership Program (DPP), USP Scholarship recipients must enroll in at least 6 credits at OSU each term, enroll in at least 12 credits total between OSU and their partner institution, and designate OSU as their home school.

To be eligible for scholarship renewal for the next year, students must meet the minimum cumulative GPA and annual credit completion requirements at the end of each Spring term, as described in the terms and conditions associated with the original scholarship award. Transfer credits and credits earned in high school (AP, IB, etc.) do not count toward your annual credit completion requirement. Select a scholarship below to view the specific cumulative GPA and credit completion requirements.

Students are responsible for keeping track of their progress toward meeting the scholarship renewal requirements. Failure to meet the award requirements either during a single term or at the end of the Spring term will result in the cancellation of the scholarship and all remaining award terms. Following the cancellation of a scholarship, students may submit an appeal requesting reinstatement of the scholarship to the OSU Scholarship Office by the appropriate appeal submission deadline.

University Scholars Program Scholarship Renewal Requirements

University Scholars Program (admissions-based) scholarships are maintained by the Scholarship Office. Find full scholarship renewal details on the Scholarship Office Renewal Page

Other Scholarships

Students receiving scholarships through their academic college/department/ScholarDollars should contact the awarding department directly for information regarding eligibility and renewal requirements.

Students receiving scholarships from a non-OSU organization should contact the external awarding organization for more information.

If you have any questions or require additional assistance, please contact the OSU Scholarship Office by email at, by phone at 541-737-1125, or in person at the Kerr Administration Building, Room B108.

To be eligible to have an institutional grant renewed in a future year, a student must:  

  • Submit the next year’s FAFSA/ORSAA by the OSU priority deadline of February 28th (extended to March 31st, 2024 for the 2024-25 year).
  • Have enough need for the institutional grant funding as determined by the FAFSA/ORSAA.
  • Have been enrolled and received the grant in the previous school year.

Even when meeting these criteria, OSU cannot guarantee the renewal of institutional grants due to changes in funding levels, student attrition rates, and other factors. OSU may also choose to limit renewal to a certain number of terms or years. More information about general eligibility requirements are available on the institutional aid page.

In order for the Bridge to Success Grant to be renewed, a student must successfully complete at least 36 credits per year. A student must also continue meet Pell and OOG eligibility requirements and file the FAFSA by the February 28th priority deadline (extended to March 31, 2024 for the 2024-25 year). Due to limited funding, Bridge renewal cannot be guaranteed for all students who meet the minimum criteria. Find out more about general eligibility requirements on the Bridge to Success admissions page.