Alternative Loan Revision Request

Consent for Release of Confidential Information (FERPA)

2017-18 Cost of Attendance Revision

2017-18 Dependency Status Appeal

2018-19 Dependency Status Appeal

Enrollment Revision Request

Estimated One Term Budget

GRE Fee Waiver

Reporting Additional Sources of Assistance

Revise Existing Parent PLUS Loan

Revise Existing Graduate PLUS Loan

Satisfactory Academic Progress Petition

Satisfactory Academic Progress Petition: Maximum Timeframe

Student Loan Revision Request


Form Submittal

With the exception of the FERPA, the forms listed on this page may be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid by fax, postal mail, or as an email attachment. The FERPA may only be submitted in person (by the student with a photo ID) or as an attachment submitted from the student’s OSU student email. All signed documents require a wet signature (not e-signed) and the student’s OSU ID number.