Federal Work-Study Information for Students 

Federal Work-Study provides part-time jobs for students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.  At OSU, you must be enrolled at least half time to be eligible for a Work-Study job during the academic year. 

If you were offered Federal Work Study funds as part of your financial aid award, and you haven’t already accepted your Work-Study funds as part of your financial aid award, go to the Financial Aid Portal to accept the Federal College Work Study funding.  The next step: find a job. 

How to find a Federal College Work-Study Job at OSU

There are both on campus and off campus employers that may hire you as a Work-Study student.  To search for positions with the OSU Office of Human Resources go to https://jobs.oregonstate.edu/.  Select the STUDENT bar, then search the posting which are available under the Position Type: Student.  You can also search by Department or Job Location. You won’t find a listing of Work-Study only jobs here, as most of the job postings do not require you to have Work-Study funds to be hired.  But let your perspective employer know that you have a Work-Study award so that you can be hired as a Work-Study student! 

If you would like to consider off-campus employers, these jobs are posted through the Career Development Center.  Here you will go to Beaver Careers to search for Work-Study jobs.  At this website, you are searching exclusively for jobs that have been posted as Work-Study.  You will be paid through OSU payroll for work performed for the off-campus employer.  Start your search at http://career.oregonstate.edu/, select “Beaver Careers” then “Student” and login with your ONID information.  Remember to search for “Work-Study” as this job engine includes internships and other opportunities. 

If you’ve never done a job search before, Career Services offers resources for students looking for jobs.  They can help with cover letters, resume, etc.   Check out their website for more information at http://career.oregonstate.edu/students

Some things you should know about a Federal Work-Study Job

Finally, information about working, getting paid, and conditions to Federal Work-Study employment for Students and Employers that you should know. 

  1. Employment under a Work-Study agreement ends when the student earns the gross amount of funding as authorized, is not initially registered at least half-time for a term, has outstanding Financial Aid requirements, or is no longer an OSU student. 
  2. The hiring department must pay 100% of student wages after Work-Study ends. 
  3. Students and employers are responsible for monitoring earning totals and limits. 
  4. You may work up to but not more than 24 hours a week combined for all student employment, including regular and/or Federal Work-Study jobs and assistantships.  You may work up to 40 hours per week between terms IF you are enrolled at least ½ time for the previous term and the next term (exception: you may not work between the end of spring term and July 1). 
  5. You will get a paycheck once a month for hours you worked during the previous pay period.  Your earnings are NOT credited to your billing account. 
  6. The student’s award may change at any time during the year if a student receives additional financial resources resulting in a reduction or cancellation of Federal Work-Study. 
  7. The student’s Work-Study award is divided evenly between jobs when students are hired for more than one work-study position. 
  8. Students are not automatically eligible for Federal College Work-Study each year.
  9. Summer use of Work-Study can have unique rules for both enrollment and allowed work hours.  Please contact your employer or the Office of Financial Aid if you have questions.      


Federal Work-Study for On-Campus Employers

On-Campus Employers (OSU Cascades, OSU E-campus, OSU Corvallis) please follow the instructions provided to your Business Center to create student postings using the PeopleAdmin 7 Student Employment Initiator Guide.  If the position is designated for work-study, the Student Employment Approver will submit it to the Financial Aid Reviewer for their review prior to posting.  Please contact your Business Center HR team if you need assistance. 


Federal Work-Study for Off-Campus Employers

The Federal Work-Study Program OSU Off-Campus Employer Handbook provides information to new or returning Off-Campus Employers and details Federal Work Study Program Requirements.