Columbia Gorge Community College

As a general guideline, the school that you are taking the most credits from should be established as your home school. You will receive all your financial aid through your home school. If your financial aid award is greater than your home school costs, you will receive a financial aid refund. You would then take your refund and use it to pay your bill at your partner school. If you do not receive a financialaid refund, it is still your responsibility to pay your partner school bill. When determining your home school for the Oregon State University/Columbia Gorge Community College Degree Partnership Program, it is important to consider the number of credits that you are taking at each school and the transferability of those credits.

Home School credit requirements:

Oregon State is home: one course at Oregon State*

Columbia Gorge is home: 6 credits at Columbia Gorge

No financial aid will disbursed to your account unless you are enrolled in the proper number of courses/credits at your designated home school.

*Additional criteria for Oregon State financial aid: Students receiving Oregon State scholarships, the Bridge to Success Grant (OR residents), the OSU Access Grant or the Non-Resident Tuition Grant are required to be enrolled in a MINIMUM of 6 credits at Oregon State to receive those funds regardless of minimum credit requirements with partner schools.


Transferability of credits:

Oregon State is home: We cannot count courses that will not transfer. For example, if you are taking 12 credits between both schools, with your courses at Columbia Gorge being Math 112 and Drafting 140, your total enrollment would be 9 credits at OSU because while your Math 112 course transfers to Oregon State, your Drafting 140 does not. In general vocational/technical courses do not transfer to Oregon State. To verify that a course is transferable, please consult with your academic advisor.

Columbia Gorge is home: Columbia Gorge cannot count 300 or 400 level courses toward the enrollment needed to disburse financial aid. For example, if you are taking 12 credits between both schools, and one of those is a 3 credit 300 level course at Oregon State, then Columbia Gorge Community College will consider your enrollment level as 9 credits.

If you have additional questions about financial aid and the Degree Partnership Program, feel free to contact us!