The topics below will help you know what to expect from financial aid as an enrolled OSU student. 
  • Receiving Aid is a brief overview of how financial aid payments work.
  • Under Request Changes find out how to report enrollment changes and how to request a federal aid recalculation. 
  • The Census Date relates to the financial aid enrollment deadlines and how aid might be effected if you are not fulltime on the date we lock enrollment. 
  • Dropping Courses has information on how drops may change your financial aid eligibility. 
  • Due to the significant potential impact on aid, we recommend students review our Withdrawal page if they will not be able to complete one or more courses. 
  • Our Course Participation page details how aid may need to be returned in cases where course participation cannot be verified. 
  • Under Repeating Coursework, learn how repeats may impact your aid eligibility. 
  • The Satisfactory Academic Progress section explains the federal criteria for pace, GPA, completion, and timeframe that you must meet in order to receive federal financial aid.  
  • Finally, Renewing your Aid talks about renewal criteria, eligibility requirements, and the steps you need to take to receive aid in future years.