Oregon State University's Bridge to Success Program

Established in 2008, the Bridge to Success program increases access to OSU by providing a combination of gift and scholarship aid (funds that do not need to be repaid) to cover standard tuition and fees to qualified students. Award offers are based on available funding and not guaranteed. Students selected for Bridge to Success funding may have a variety of scholarship and grant aid awards in their financial aid package that cover tuition and fees. Student eligibility is reviewed each year based on annual FAFSA results and the renewal criteria tied to the grant and scholarship aid received.

The awards are based on financial need and the student’s ability to show satisfactory progress toward degree completion which requires earning 36 credits per year for renewal in subsequent years. All on-time financial aid applicants who are Pell Grant and Oregon Opportunity grant eligible are reviewed for awards.

To be considered, a new student must be an on-time applicant by meeting the following criteria:

  • Oregon resident
  • Complete the admissions application by Feb. 1 priority deadline and be fully admissible to OSU
  • Submits the FAFSA by OSU's Feb. 28th financial aid priority deadline
  • Pell eligible (based on annual FAFSA results)
  • Eligible to receives Oregon Opportunity Grant funding (12 term limit)
  • On campus student (excludes Ecampus students)

Receiving the Bridge to Success Award

In order to receive the Bridge Grant a student must be enrolled fulltime (12+ credits) each term. Degree Partnership Program students receiving the Bridge to Success Grant are required to be fulltime and enrolled in a MINIMUM of 6 credits at OSU each term.

Bridge to Success Renewal

In order for the Bridge to Success Grant to be renewed, a student must successfully complete at least 36 credits per year. A student must also continue meet Pell and OOG eligibility requirements and file the FAFSA by the February 28th priority deadline. Due to limited funding, Bridge renewal cannot be guaranteed for all students who meet the minimum criteria.

"As Oregon's land grant university, it is our mission to ensure that the sons and daughters of this state have access to a premier college education, and the Bridge to Success Program will help us fulfill that promise for worthy students with significant financial need," said OSU President Ed Ray.

Oregon State University Opportunity Grant

The OSU Opportunity Grant is awarded to full-time resident undergraduate students with financial need and is administered by the OSU Office of Financial Aid. Funds are limited and eligibility is based in part on meeting the OSU priority FAFSA submission deadline of February 28 each year.

Incoming Scholarships

These limited merit and need based scholarships are administered by the Office of Financial Aid. Incoming students are considered based on completion of the scholarship portion of the admissions application. Eligibility is limited to students who have completed fewer than 12 terms and submit the application for Admission by February 1. Recipients must be enrolled full-time and are notified of their awards in writing. Criteria are available on the scholarships page.

Departmental Awards

Departmental awards are administered by each college individually. Be sure to check out our searchable database of scholarships! Contact the department or donor directly for specific information regarding the award.