Dropping courses impacts your financial aid in several ways. Aid assistance is typically based on your enrollment level each term and may be adjusted accordingly.  Full-time undergraduate status is 12 or more credits, 3/4 time is 9-11 credits, 1/2 time is 6-8 credits, and anything below 6 credits is considered less than half time and will affect your financial aid eligibility.


Your financial aid is paid each term based on your level of enrollment at the "census date", which is the last day students can add or drop a class for a full tuition refund.  After this date, all financial aid payments are frozen based on your enrollment level at that time. Please note that based on recent changes to federal legislation Pell Grant funds are required to be revised to match your enrollment on an ongoing basis throughout summer term regardless of when courses are dropped. These revisions may create a balance due on your student account.


If your aid was paid at the full-time amount, it will be revised to match your aid eligibility based on your enrollment level at the census date if you dropped credit hours. This adjustment may result in a repayment of your aid that was paid at the start of the term.


When you drop credit hours after the census date and your aid has been paid, you will not need to repay your financial aid (with the exception of summer term Federal Pell Grant funding) unless you completely withdraw from ALL classes for the term. You will need to be concerned with meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress.