What does declaring a home school mean?

Declaring a home school establishes which school provides your financial aid. When you are admitted to the Degree Partnership Program (DPP), you may be eligible to receive financial aid based on the total enrollment from both schools. Unlike other financial aid eligibility there are some additional requirements you must fulfill before we can determine your aid eligibility for DPP. It is important to understand that only one school may provide your financial aid for each term of enrollment. Therefore, to receive your aid you must declare a home school. To determine your home school you must consider several factors. Each term you are enrolled you should ask yourself are you going to be taking your courses:

  • Only at the Community College partner school
  • Only at OSU
  • Some courses at both your Community College and some at OSU

If you are only taking courses at the partner school, then they will be your home school. You will want to verify that your partner school is listed on your FAFSA application, and contact their financial aid office for more information on your aid eligibility. If you are taking courses only at OSU, then OSU will be your home school. If you are attending both schools, then determining your home school is a little different. You will need to read more about the specific home school requirements for your partner school on the main Financial Aid DPP page.


How do I declare a home school?

When you are admitted to the Degree Partnership Program, you will receive an email from the OSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, asking you to declare a home school. Once you are registered for classes at OSU you will be able to access the HOME survey to declare your home school for financial aid purposes.

You declare your home school by completing the survey through Online Services. You can click on the outstanding financial aid requirement to be directed to the HOME survey. If you need to make changes to your home school you can email your request to dpp@oregonstate.edu. Be sure to include your name and student id in all correspondence.


I have declared my home school previously, why am I getting an email asking me to do it again?

If you apply to another Degree Partner then you must declare a “primary” partner. This will be the partner school that OSU will count your credits from for the term(s) you have selected them as your primary partner.


What happens if I am taking courses from two different community colleges and OSU?

When you get admitted to the DPP with one community college partner school, you must establish a home school between OSU and your partner school. When you are admitted to the DPP with two or more partner schools you must also establish a preferred partner school. Your preferred partner school is the school whose credits are used when determining your combined enrollment. For example, if you are enrolled at OSU, Linn Benton Community College and Portland Community College (PCC), and you declare PCC as your preferred partner then credits from PCC only will be used when determining if you are enrolled full-time. You can declare your preferred partner school by completing the home school survey and indicating who you wish to be your primary partner. Should you wish to change primary partners you can do so by emailing the change to dpp@oregonstate.edu prior to the start of the term.


I'm part of the DPP. Why am I not enrolled in enough credits for my financial aid to pay out?

When you are admitted to the Degree Partnership Program, your financial aid eligibility is based on your combined enrollment from both schools you are attending. However, there are some credits from both schools that may not count. You must first consider the transferability of your credits. If you designate your community college partner school to be your home school, they will only be able to consider courses that can apply to their degree programs. This means that 300 and 400 level courses do not count. If you have designated OSU as your home school, then ask yourself if you are taking any vocational courses. Courses such as Life Skills and Welding will not count for financial aid purposes, because OSU does not count these courses in any of our degree programs.


How do my bills get paid at the two different schools?

You will receive all your financial aid through your home school. If your financial award is greater than your home school costs, you will receive a financial aid refund check. You would then take your refund and use it to pay your bill at your partner school. If you have more questions or need more assistance regarding DPP, please visit the main Degree Partnership Program website.


I no longer want to be in the Degree Partnership Program, how do I cancel it?

Signing up for the Degree Partnership Program does not mean that you are required to take courses at the community college, it simply allows you the flexibility to do so if you need or want to. There is no fee to be in the program and the only requirement is that you complete the home school survey (which is 3 questions). If you are already in the program there is no need to un-enroll from it as it will not impact your degree attainment.


If you have additional questions about Financial Aid and the Degree Partnership Program, feel free to contact us!