Oregon State University participates in the Degree Partnership Program (DPP) with a number of community colleges throughout the state of Oregon. A degree partnership is an agreement between institutions to provide academic programs and services to students through a common admission process. Get full details on how this program works by going to the main DPP webpage


When you are admitted, you are eligible to enroll in courses at both schools, and your financial aid eligibility is based on your enrollment with OSU and the partner institution. To participate in this program, review the following:


1. Apply for admission to your degree partnership program of choice through the OSU Office of Admissions.

2. Upon admission to a specific program, you will be contacted by the OSU Office of Financial Aid via e-mail with instructions on declaring your home school. If you have not received this email, you can also check MyOSU for unsatisfied financial aid requirements for further information.

3. Declare a home school. You can determine which institution will be your financial aid provider (home school), based on specific program criteria. You cannot receive financial aid without having an established home school. As you may only receive financial aid from one school, whichever institution you select as your home school will award and disburse your financial aid. In order to receive financial aid from your home school you must be enrolled in the minimum required credits at your home school.


Additional Criteria for OSU financial aid: Students receiving OSU scholarships, OSU Opportunity Grant, the Bridge to Success Grant (OR Residents), or the Non-Resident Tuition Grant are required to be enrolled in a MINIMUM of 6 credits at OSU to receive those funds regardless of minimum credit requirements with partner schools.


PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to declare a home school if you apply to the Degree Partnership Program before your financial aid can disburse. You will receive all your financial aid through your home school. If your financial award is greater than your home school costs, you will receive a financial aid refund check. You would then take your refund and use it to pay your bill at your partner school. Even if all of your credits are at OSU you MUST declare your home school in order for your aid to be disbursed.


For information on financial aid for specific degree partnership programs, please use the links below:

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Hawai'i Partners

Additional Information:

DPP Application Deadlines

Degree Partnership Program FAQ's

If you have additional questions about Financial Aid and the Degree Partnership Program, feel free to contact us!